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Dialysis is a life-saving procedure that takes over for your kidneys when they’re too damaged to clean your blood. At North Jersey Vascular Center in Clifton, New Jersey, Sanjay Shah, MD, creates the dialysis access you need, then continues to maintain, preserve, or restore your access so that you can enjoy a happier and healthier lifestyle. If you need dialysis access, call the office.

Dialysis Access Management Q & A

When do I need dialysis?

Chronic kidney disease progressively damages your kidneys, preventing them from filtering your blood to remove wastes and extra fluids. When you reach end-stage kidney disease, you need dialysis to take over for your failing kidneys.

What is dialysis access?

Before you start dialysis, your provider at North Jersey Vascular Center performs a minor surgical procedure to create dialysis access. 

Dialysis access gives you a permanent and convenient way to send blood through the dialysis machine or to flush cleansing fluid through your abdomen, depending on the type of dialysis you receive.

How do you create access for hemodialysis?

Hemodialysis uses blood vessels in your arm to circulate your blood through a dialysis machine. If you use hemodialysis, your provider creates arteriovenous (AV) access by connecting an artery and vein in your arm. After the procedure, the vein thickens and enlarges, making it easier to insert needles.

Your provider at North Jersey Vascular Center may provide one of two types of AV access, a fistula or graft. They create a fistula by directly joining the artery and vein. 

A graft links the two blood vessels using a tube. A fistula is preferred because it’s less likely to develop an infection or blood clot.

What is a non-surgical dialysis fistula?

Patients who qualify may have a minimally invasive procedure rather than surgery to get their AV fistula. Your provider uses ultrasound imaging to guide a narrow catheter to the targeted area, and then the innovative device uses heat to quickly and safely fuse the artery and vein. 

How do you create access for peritoneal dialysis?

During peritoneal dialysis, you fill your abdomen with a cleansing fluid, dialysate, that pulls waste out of your blood. When you drain the fluid, it carries away the waste. 

Your provider at North Jersey Vascular Center inserts a flexible catheter that runs from inside your abdomen to a small opening in your chest or abdomen. The permanent catheter makes it easy to perform peritoneal dialysis at home.

What dialysis maintenance services might I receive?

Before creating your access, your doctor at North Jersey Vascular Center may map your veins. They can choose the best vein for your access using ultrasound or dye to determine the size, depth, and blood flow in an artery or vein.

The team at North Jersey Vascular Center provides ongoing care to ensure your access stays open and healthy. 

By monitoring your dialysis access, they quickly identify and repair problems such as blood clotting or vessel narrowing. You may need a vascular stent if the blood vessels narrow and block blood flow. 

If you need dialysis access, call North Jersey Vascular Center or schedule an appointment online. 

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Sanjay Shah, MD is one of a select few physicians currently performing this procedure.

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