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North Jersey Vascular Center (NJVC) in Clifton, New Jersey, provides the latest and most advanced nonsurgical interventional and endovascular techniques and technologies currently available. North Jersey Vascular Center (NJVC) physicians’ unsurpassed technical expertise in “minimally invasive” and nonsurgical treatment options for Peripheral Artery Disease (PAD) and Dialysis Access Management significantly improves the quality of life for their patients.

Utilizing “breakthrough” procedures, North Jersey Vascular Center (NJVC) interventional/endovascular cardiologists restore blood flow to the legs and feet to get their patients back on track for a healthier life. North Jersey Vascular Center (NJVC) doctors have a proven record of success saving limbs and preventing amputation!

North Jersey Vascular Center (NJVC) interventional nephrologists provide a range of minimally invasive nonsurgical dialysis access management procedures to manage and prolong the life of dialysis access grafts and fistulas so patients can receive the dialysis treatment they need without anything getting in the way.

Common foot problems, diabetic foot and wound care, and extensive trauma are a few examples of the foot and ankle problems North Jersey Vascular Center treats. While all foot conditions initially receive conservative measures as treatment, patients receive excellent surgical care when needed.

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